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First Kisses


There was the girl who carried a pocket knife who kissed the boy with orange sneakers who got scared and ran, and later said that if they broke up he would kill himself.


There was the girl with pretty blue eyes who had a boyfriend with pretty brown eyes, but her first kiss was from her uncle with eyes she can’t remember, who laid her down on the bed and said if you’re going to be with me, from now on you need to start shaving everything.


There was the girl who could do the splits and the boy who could play guitar and they were in love, but when her father was happy he would kiss her on the cheek and when he was angry she would hide under the bed and he could never, ever find out that the boy and the girl didn’t have promise rings.


And then there was the girl who was very ordinary in every way, except that she stayed pure. She was the girl who waited for the boy who drove two days just to give her flowers. She was the girl who waited for the boy who let her cry when her sister was sick and didn’t try to feel her up. She was the girl who waited for her first kiss, only to remember


that it wasn’t her first kiss after all, and that years ago her best friend pulled the covers over her head and put his tongue in her mouth again and again and it felt like raw fish, and he said that if she told anyone he couldn’t be friends with her anymore, and when she told someone he never came back, and she missed him.