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blue like the sky right before darkness

i will collect my tears in a golden chalice

but you will never hear me cry

liquid soul waiting to be ingested

holy water laced with silver light

i’m the moon

inevitably waiting to be shadowed by an eclipse

you will miss me when I’m gone

they think I get my shine from the sun but

the sun is only whole because of my

emotional energetic bandaging

the wolves cry because they know we stem from the

same root of lonely

i don’t know if you knew but just because i’m adorned with holes

doesn’t make me holy.

my words will be the thread that holds souls together one day

i hope they hold them better than they hold me

because i’m steadily unraveling

there’s no way to tell if it’s to my end

or to my newest beginning

when your gift happens to be word alchemy

you become a different type of