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“Burn the witch!”

You fools, I have been burning since I was born

Only you could not smell the smoke


Scorched my mother’s womb

So that she could not bear any more children

I am the poison apple fallen from her withered tree


You men who think you own the world

Care nothing for those that brought you into it


Yes, burn the witch

But it will not be to Hell where you send me

Instead I will inherit your kingdom of Heaven


And when you die,

Should you try to enter into my house I will ask thee,

Who are you to seek entrance under my roof?


Should I grant you welcome

While your mother, your sisters,

Your daughters are still smoldering upon the hill


Yes, burn the witch

But do not tell her what leads you to believe she is one


Wouldst thou set thine own self ablaze?

No, you would be licked by one flame and weep

For your mother’s milk


Do not think that you can fool me

The peace I display towards thee is only courtesy

Were I to speak my mind you would cry

To your god of blasphemy


But I cannot testify in praise of that which

Intended to create me only as the lesser

I would rather be blinded by the sun’s shine

Or perhaps cast into it to die


Do not look upon mine self and proclaim me witch

For it is only your god whom demands the death of me